Friday, 20 March 2015

NGO in Rourkela serving mid-day meal to more than 40,000 children

The Akshaya Patra Foundation began its service as a NGO in Rourkela from November 2013. Rourkela is the third location in Odisha where Akshaya Patra started implementing the mid-day meal programme. This NGO operates a centralised kitchen unit and caters to more than 40,000 children across 433 Government schools in the area. This kitchen of the NGO in Rourkela is a perfect example of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in aiding the role of NGO for betterment of the society. As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, the Steel Authority of India (SAIL) and Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) had donated a philanthropic amount of Rs 8.24 crore to Akshaya Patra in order to expand its mid-day meal programme in Rourkela. This development was strategic for the Foundation to initiate its service as a NGO in Rourkela. Aside serving in Rourkela, Akshaya Patra is present in three other locations of Odisha namely Puri, Nayagarh and Cuttack.

Akshaya Patra is aware that the role of NGO is not only to expand its operations but it is also to sustain the positive impact and service in the existing locations. Hence, sustainability is one of the main focus areas of Akshaya Patra. The Foundation has received appreciations and recognitions from many prestigious institutions and personalities for its persistent effort in providing hygienic, nutritious and freshly cooked mid-day meal to children every day. Apart from functioning as a NGO in Rourkela, this Foundation also serves as a mid-day meal NGO in 22 other locations across the country covering 10 states. Altogether, it serves mid-day meal to more than 1.4 million children every day. As a mid-day meal provider, Akshaya Patra believes that one of the role of NGO should be to cater to the local palate of the region so that children relish the meal they are eating. In view of this, the menu of Akshaya Patra kitchens varies according to the region. For example: rice and sambar (a South Indian curry made out of lentils and vegetables) are the main menu items of Akshaya Patra kitchens in the south whereas roti (Indian flat bread) and sabji (vegetable curry) become the main menu item for north Indian kitchens.

Seeing the potential of the mid-day meal programme and the significant role of NGO, the Government provides ample support to the NGOs in the form of grants and subsidies. The Government also allows these NGOs to seek donation from individuals and corporate houses and other supporting agencies. Donation for NGO is a needed element for all types of non-governmental organisations. Whether it is a well-established organisation or a start-up organisation, every NGO requires the involvement of the society either in the form of donation for NGO or volunteering to spread the cause. The same holds true for Akshaya Patra too. When you contribute Rs. 750 as donation for NGO, you are actually aiding to feed one child for one whole year.

Offer a meal per day through donation for NGO.


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