Tuesday, 24 March 2015

High spirited beneficiaries of NGO in Guwahati

As a mid-day meal NGO in Guwahati, Akshaya Patra made its advent in the February 2010. Since then this NGO in Guwahati has seen for itself the real need of mid-day meal in this section of the country. With aspirations soaring high among the children of this beautiful north-eastern state, there are numerous heart-warming Akshaya Patra success stories from this part of the country. Here is one of the success stories from Guwahati.

This Akshaya Patra success story is from a place called Khudradadhi. Till the introduction of Below Poverty Line (BPL) cards, 80% of the working population of Khudradadhi were mainly engaged in agriculture. But, the BPL cards changed the occupational scenario of this place. As BPL card holders get grains at subsidised prices, they have moved to alternate occupations like fishing, brick-kiln workers and casual labourers in the city. This has left a mere 10% practicing agriculture. This shift in occupational trend has led to a lack of variety in the food basket especially vegetables.

Hareshwar Deka, Head Master of Khudradadhi Lower Primary school says that the meal menu of people here is mostly rice, dal (pulses) and potato. This food habit with lack of vegetables has brought about nutritional deprivation among the children of this locality. But he goes on to add that since Akshaya Patra started serving mid-day meal there has been positive change in the health of the children. This change is attributed to the various nutritious food provided by this NGO in Guwahati.

Pithali, a Standard IV student at the Khudradadhi Lower Primary school is a daughter of a seasonal mason and her mother adds on to the family income by stitching mekhala chadars (a traditional Assamese outfit). It indeed is difficult to sustain a family of five with a monthly income of just Rs. 2500 – 4000 and hence their meals mostly comprise of rice, yellow dal (pulses) and potato curry. Pithali says, “I love the Akshaya Patra mid-day meal. I look forward to Wednesdays and Saturdays as we are served with pulao, khichdi and kheer”. This little girl aspires to become an Assamese film actress and take her family for a world tour one day. The Head Master proudly adds that all girls of Khudradadhi are enrolled in the school. He admits that getting them to school is a difficult task, but mid-day meal has worked as a wonderful supporting programme.

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