Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Help Akshaya Patra take the ngos role in India to the next level

There are many nonprofit organisations in India, but one that stands out far above the rest is The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Exemplifying ngos role in India, this Foundation has identified a dire need in the Indian society and works tirelessly for a solution. With a vision that no child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger, Akshaya Patra today serves 1.39 million children the mid-day meal, across 10,631 government schools on every working day. Reaching out to the public for support in order to eliminate class room hunger in India, it is not surprise that there are many who leap at the opportunity to donate for charity like this organisation.

With so many nonprofit organisations in India working toward child welfare, Akshaya Patra even so has been ranked 23rd amongst the top 100 ngos in the world by The Global Journal. This ngos role in India is to provide food for education to all the children in need in India. By providing the tasty, nutritious mid-day meal on every school day to the children, the programme acts as an incentive for parents to send their children to school, as it will relieve them of the burden of feeding an extra mouth for the day. Aside from this, it will also ensure that children get an education in the process. The organisation also encourages well-wishers to donate for charity as any donation above Rs 500 will be eligible for a 100 per cent tax exemption.

Understanding the uphill task facing nonprofit organisations in India, this Foundation is striding ahead to achieve its mission of feeding 5 million children by 2020. To achieve this goal, the organisation currently has 22 kitchens across India with plans of opening more in the years to come. Of these 22 kitchens 20 are centralised, meaning that they are highly mechanised units capable of feeding tens of thousands of children a day. The remaining two are decentralised and have been set up in regions of India where road connectivity and infrastructure are bad. These kitchens are run using women's Self Help Groups (SHGs) under the guidance of Akshaya Patra personnel. An ngos role in India is also to produce sustainable solutions to the problems at hand. The organisation employs best practices in its operations and Food Safety Management Systems, to ensure that quality and efficiency of the mid-day meal never decreases. It is this commitment to producing quality food consistently, and with absolute transparency in all its processes that make many feel confident to donate for charity  toward Akshaya Patra.

The organisation has also won many laurels for its creativity, food safety, quality control and financials, over many other nonprofit organisations in India. The organisation understands that it is an ngos role in India to constantly seek improvement and reach out to those who would like to donate for charity in India and abroad, to help bring awareness toward this noble cause.

Your help will be very much appreciated. Donate or volunteer with Akshaya Patra, or write to us at infodesk@akshayapatra.org for any more information.

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