Thursday, 19 June 2014

Support Akshaya Patra, an NGO in Visakhapatnam

 The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one among the many nonprofit organizations in India.  Apart from 21 other locations Akshaya Patra is operational as an NGO in Visakhapatnam too. Providing mid-day meal to around 1.39 million Government school children across India, it also reaches out to Anganwadi centres in Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad. As an NGO in Visakhapatnam, Akshaya Patra feeds 5,249 children in 7 Government schools.

 The Akshaya Patra Foundation started its operation as a NGO in Visakhapatnam in October 2008.  In the same year, it also started its operation in Hyderabad location of Andhra Pradesh. Akshaya Patra is a nonprofit organization in India headquartered at Bangalore. It began implementing the mid-day meal programme in June 2000 and since then Akshaya Patra has spread its operational wings to nine states of India. This nonprofit organization in India works in the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, where Grants and Subsidies from Government and contributions from generous donors help in providing food to millions of children.

As a NGO in Visakhapatnam, Akshaya Patra not just reaches out to Government school children but also to Anganwadi centres. Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad together account for a large base of Anganwadi beneficiaries. This nonprofit organization in India has two Centralized kitchens in Andhra Pradesh, one each in Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad. This NGO serves mid-day meal to 5,249 children covering 7 Government schools in Visakhapatnam. Gauging the potential of individual contribution by donors, Akshaya Patra has worked towards enhancing donor experience and ease. It has employed a systematic and user-friendly process of online donation to NGO. With the provision of online donation to NGO, any donor can choose to contribute towards this programme, at his own comfortable place and time. Addition to this, the donor can also avail 100% tax exemption for any amount contributed above Rs. 500.

This nonprofit organization in India also provides a platform for other voluntary activities and CSR partnerships. A look at the Get Involved section of Akshaya Patra's website will provide you with a host of options. With the aid of your contribution of time, money and resources, this Indian NGO in Visakhapatnam will be able to serve many more children. The children that this NGO in Visakhapatnam serves have a story of their own. To know these children and their hopes and aspirations click success stories. There are many such stories that inspire Akshaya Patra to work determinedly day in and day out.

Indeed it's a humongous task to feed millions of children every day. But, this nonprofit organization in India believes that together with the support from Government and society, it is an achievable mission. Apart from choosing to volunteer with the NGO in Visakhapatnam, you can also select any other location of your choice from the following list: Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Bhilai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Bangalore, Bellary, Hubli, Mangalore, Mysore, Puri, Nayagarh, Rourkela, Jaipur, Nathdwara, Baran, Jodhpur, Vrindavan, Chennai.

Change the future of millions of children by clicking on online donation to NGO.

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