Monday, 30 June 2014

This Chhattisgarh NGO feeds more than 23,000 children every day


The Akshaya Patra Foundation, Chhattisgarh NGO unit started operating as a mid-day meal provider in January 2009. It reaches out to children of 160 Government schools in Bhilai. Apart from Chhattisgarh, Akshaya Patra implements the mid-day meal scheme in India in nine other states thereby feeding 1.39 million children every day.

The mid-day meal scheme in India is an effective initiative by Government of India in countering classroom hunger and illiteracy. Effective implementation of the mid-day meal scheme in India has the potential to break the vicious cycle of 'poverty-hunger-illiteracy'. The Akshaya Patra Foundation that depends partly on donation for charity operates in partnership with the Central Government and various State Governments has been implementing this programme in 10 states of India.

It made its way as Chhattisgarh NGO and started providing mid-day meal to Government schools in Bhilai from January 2009 onwards. Since then, this Chhattisgarh NGO has fed 23,674 children across 160 Government schools. The benefits of the mid-day meal scheme in India were brought across to the children of Bhilai by the effort of Akshaya Patra in conjunction with the support from Government and benevolent donors. As a result of functioning in a Public-Private Partnership model, Akshaya Patra that depends on donation for charity is able to provide 'unlimited food for education to millions of children every day. The Foundation aims to feed 5 million children by 2020. Akshaya Patra has well understood the connection between food and education in the socio-economic context of India, where one free meal becomes an incentive for the parents to send their children to school. This incentive further adds up to these children getting educated along with receiving one wholesome meal per day.

A click at success stories of Chhattisgarh NGO will bring across you the lives of thousands of beneficiaries. Their confidence and hope despite the odds that they face in their daily lives are no less than an inspiration. You too can be a part of this Foundation and help millions of needy children by contributing as donation for charity. Rs 750 donation for charity will provide mid-day meal to one child for an entire year. Also under Section 35 AC and 80G of the Income Tax Act, any donation for charity of above Rs.500 is eligible for 100% tax exemption. Thus, not only does the beneficiary get benefitted by the charitable act of the donor, but the donor too receives tax benefits for his generous attitude.

You have the potential to transform lives of young hearts. Harness the potential through your time, skill and resources. Join Akshaya Patra!

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