Friday, 12 December 2014

Online donation for charity

With time non-profit organization in India has also evolved its way of communicating and engaging its supporters. One of the in-trend changes accommodated by non-profit organization in India is online donation for charity. As internet has become the one stop platform for all kinds of information, people have started utilising this platform for all kinds of activities like business, knowledge sharing, awareness creation and charity too. Like many others, The Akshaya Patra Foundation - a non-profit organization in India has witnessed the rising popularity of online donation for charity. This NGO has been providing mid-day meal in India since 2000. Currently, this non-profit organization in India operates in 23 locations and feeds 1.4 million Government school children every day.

Technology has brought the world literally at our finger tips. The present times allow people to review and compare things in a single platform by opening different windows. In such a situation it becomes necessary for all non-profits to have a user-friendly interface that will ease up the process of contributing donation either by regular donors or prospective donors. Online donation for charity allows the donor to contribute at his own space and time. It also makes the donor eligible for tax exemption, just like offline donation. Being a non-profit organization in India for more than a decade Akshaya Patra too provides tax exemptions for donations above Rs. 500 applicable under section 35 AC and 80G of Income Tax Act of India.

This non-profit organization in India does receive the support of the Central Government of India and various State Governments in the form of grants and subsidies to provide mid-day meal in India. But in order to sustain and expand this programme to benefit many more children, this non-profit organization in India also requires the support of the society in the form of time, skill or money. Since the organisation has witnessed the potential of mid-day meal in India in positively altering the lives of millions of underserved children, it wants to continue the programme until there is complete elimination of classroom hunger. Akshaya Patra understands and values each penny contributed by benevolent donors. Thus, this non-profit organization in India makes available various ways of donations like online donation for charity, offline donation, mobile donation and also donation in kind.

This non-profit organization in India makes available a full-fledged annual report each year publishing all its achievements, plans, developments along with audited financial reports for all its supporters and stakeholders. Not just donations, this non-profit organization in India also provides an extensive platform for volunteering and creating awareness about the need of mid-day meal in India. Choose to provide one wholesome meal per day to the children of India through this non-profit organization in India by contributing online donation for charity.

Your contribution will empower a child with healthy food and rightful education. Feed a child today!

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