Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Donate to feed hungry child in India

 A recent NGO blog titled ‘Who Bears the Brunt of Food Wastage in India?’ talks about the ill-effects and sufferers of food shortage. It is understood that about 40% of fresh fruit and vegetable produce in India gets spoilt even before it reaches the consumers. The next stage of wastage happens when consumers buy products more than they can consume. At an individual level, the wastage might seem to be of negligible amount but as a whole community we have already made food wastage a huge problem in India. 

This indiscriminate wastage of food is directly linked to the sustenance of a household that is underserved. Many children remain malnourished and many citizens go to bed hungry. Employing simple steps at our own ends like maintaining well-functioning food storage at our home, purchase of and cooking of food as per need and donating excess food to the needy can better the situation.

Feed the hungry child at least at school to #EndClassroomHunger. Get involved and contribute donations for children so that they can at least receive one wholesome meal per day through the free school lunch programme. Visit the volunteering and donations for children platform of The Akshaya Patra Foundation. You will be glad that there are more than one way to #EndClassroomHunger and feed the children of India.

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