Monday, 27 October 2014

The most trusted NGO donations online

Akshaya Patra, an NGO in India is gaining momentum in its online presence. Being among handful of Indian NGOs which seek to increase its digital footprint, Akshaya Patra is exploring many online platforms. The Foundation is gaining momentum as it continuously invests its resources to spread awareness and raise NGO donations online. Along with its growth, it is also gaining trust from the online presence.

Akshaya Patra realises role of NGO in India and triumphs to set a benchmark for itself and other organisations in all its efforts. This NGO in India has huge social media presence with its pages on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel. Close to 81,000 fans on Facebook are given continuous update about the organisation and awareness on social issues such as classroom hunger, malnutrition among others. With continuous update this NGO in India drives traffic to its sites and compel its visitors to support or donate the cause.

This NGO in India also effectively uses YouTube and has recently released videos on its channel that have gone viral. 'What can you get for Rs. 750?' helped in generating NGO donations online with its strong message that makes its audience question themselves on the difference that they could make with Rs. 750. This sum can feed a child for an entire academic year. Akshaya Patra, NGO in India also provides break up of this sum on its website (click here for the break up) and upholds complete transparency. This has helped the organisation to gain trust from its donors.

As role of NGO in India, the foundation makes itself accessible to all its stake holders. Its user friendly website allows visitors to navigate and find all the information and latest updates of this NGO in India. Live chat facility has further helped visitors to trust Akshaya Patra as its executives answer to all queries in real time. Thus thousands of donors make NGO donations online to this organisation, from India and around the world.

NGO donations online is crucial to organisations like Akshaya Patra as it gives an easy access to donors who wish to support the cause of Akshaya Patra and aids to the NGO in India to sustain and increase its reach. Akshaya Patra reaches 1.4 million children each school day with wholesome food across 10,661 schools in 10 states of India. The organisation needs all the support as it strives to realise its vision that no child in India should be deprived of education due to hunger. Support the role of NGO in India. Donate to Akshaya Patra.

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