Monday, 13 October 2014

NGO in Bangalore for children’s meant only for their wellbeing


The Akshaya Patra Foundation, NGO in Bangalore for children, first started its kitchen in the year 2000 with feeding 1500 children from five schools. This NGO for children was soon recognised for its services and requests from schools started pouring in. The initial day started with support of Mohan Das Pai and Abhay Jain and soon came many more hands and the Akshaya Patra has grown with 23 kitchen units across the country. Today the organisation reaches over 1.4 million children in India. Anyone can support the organisation through online donation for children NGO.

The NGO for children set up its second Bangalore kitchen at Vasanthapura in 2007. Both the kitchens of this NGO in Bangalore for children are ISO 22000:2005 certified. Together these kitchens serve 188,530 children from 1,055 Government and Government aided schools in and around Bangalore. HK Hill kitchen reach 85,204 children from 487 schools and Vasanthapura Kitchen reach 99,326 children from 568 schools, every school day. Online donation for children NGO could help retain children in schools and bring many more.

The kitchens in Bangalore have about 70 vehicles that ply across the city every morning when children are at school, to deliver them safe hygienic nutritious meal.  The NGO in Bangalore for children is known for its unlimited food that brings hundreds of thousands of children to schools. This NGO for children also attracts people from across the world. The kitchens have seen many reigning Ministers, celebrities, learners, curious visitors, children, parents and others. 

Online donation for children NGO could be made by visiting this link. Online donations could be made for children from Government and Government aided schools in Bangalore or anywhere in Karnataka. Akshaya Patra has units in Bellary, Hubli, Mangalore, and Mysore. In all, the NGO for children reach 463,682 children in Karnataka alone. Donations could also be made towards adoption of an entire school for a year, vehicle, and kitchen equipment.

Children across Bangalore share that they love the food that comes freshly made for them every school day from this NGO in Bangalore for children. Meghashree shares, “my siblings and I have the mid-day meal at school. It is tasty and filling. It keeps us going till evening when I make something after reaching home."  And Pavitra and brother come to school even during vacation when their classes are done but school is functioning for higher education students. When asked why she says, “because we get lunch at school." Online donation for children NGO for pupil like Meghashree or Pavitra assures them a life full of opportunities.

More children need support and this NGO for children hopes to reach more every day, with a mission to reach 5 million underprivileged children by 2020. Akshaya Patra has to scale up exponentially and not just to reach 5 million but many more children in India, who are deprived of education due to hunger. Support with Online donation for children NGO, today.

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