Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Mid-day meal combating child labour

The mid-day meal programme has been witnessed to be a potential element in combating child labour. Child labour is a malicious truth of the socio-economic scenario of India and many other countries. Even though the principle main of mid-day meal is to end classroom hunger, it should be noted that this programme in some way is also becoming a tool in countering child labour. A read of any child labour blog or article will bring upon the glaring figures of 2011 Census of India indicating 43.53 lakh children aged between 5-14 years being employed in various occupations.

This means that a considerable number of the child population are deprived of basic education. Child labour can either mean sending children to earn a square meal or help the family as an extra hand to earn or being at home to look after their younger sibling when the parents are out for work. Sure that this situation arises from the state of poverty thereby never allowing the society to break the cycle of poverty-hunger-illiteracy. At this point if a school provides mid-day meal then parents may consider sending their children to school with the hope that they don’t have to worry about at least one meal time.

Child labour blog of Akshaya Patra will show you the concerns that come along with the social evil of child labour. Be a part in countering this social evil. A sum of Rs. 750 from you as online donation for charity will provide food for one child for an entire year. Choose to provide mid-day meal so that the underserved children are not sent to earn a square meal. Let us take the responsibility of feeding these young hearts so that food and education become a part of their childhood rather than labour! 

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