Friday, 12 September 2014

Children charity in Tamil Nadu

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is among the many children charity operating in Tamil Nadu. This NGO in Tamil Nadu is into implementing the mid-day meal programme. Tamil Nadu is the pioneer state in providing free cooked meal at schools. There is an interesting anecdote behind this initiative. One day, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu K. Kamaraj saw a young boy near the town of Cheranmahadevi herding livestock. He asked the boy, "What are you doing with these cows? Why didn't you go to school?" The boy immediately retorted, "If I go to school, will you give me food to eat? I can learn only if I eat." Unknowingly but rightly so, this young boy had brought to fore a critical problem being faced by the nation's children, 'they cannot learn on a hungry stomach'. This simple response sparked a series of events which led to the initiation of the Mid-Day Meal Scheme as it is known today.

The Scheme was set up to counter hunger and encourage universal primary education among the children. It was started in the 1960s in Tamil Nadu way before Supreme Court's order in 28 November 2001 to provide cooked meal to children at Government and Government assisted primary schools.

As a NGO in Tamil Nadu, Akshaya Patra began its operations in July 2011. This children charity provides mid-day meal to 718 children of a school in Chennai and seeks donation for children. Apart from being a NGO in Tamil Nadu, Akshaya Patra also operates as a mid-day meal NGO in nine other states of India namely Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Odisha, Rajasthan, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh. In total, this children charity provides mid-day meal to 1.4 million children every day. Witnessing the potential of positive impact this programme can bring in the society Akshaya Patra aims to expand its operations in other parts of the country too.

It seeks the support of the society in sustaining and increasing its service to children. When one contributes donation for children through Akshaya Patra, he or she becomes the catalyst of change in achieving the below objectives of the programme:
* Countering classroom hunger
* Increasing school enrolment
* Increasing and regularising school attendance
* Decreasing drop-out rate
* Improve socialisation among children of different castes and class

A few minutes spent at Stories of hope will reveal how your donation for children is changing lives at the ground level. Get involved will provide you other ways of contributing towards the cause apart from donation for children.

Rs. 750 is a very significant amount at Akshaya Patra because with this amount this children charity can provide one wholesome meal per day per child for an entire year.

Change a life with just Rs. 750! Choose Akshaya Patra.

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