Friday, 26 September 2014

Indian NGO in Vrindavan

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is an Indian NGO implementing the Mid-Day Meal Scheme in 10 states of India. It began by serving the children of Karnataka and gradually made its way to other states of the country too. Uttar Pradesh is one among the 10 states where Akshaya Patra is operating as a NGO in Vrindavan. In August 2004, Akshaya Patra first made its advent as a NGO in Vrindavan and over the years it has increased its beneficiary base and today this Indian NGO feeds 139,262 children covering 1,874 Government schools in and around Vrindavan. 

As a NGO in Vrindavan, Akshaya Patra operates the centralised model of kitchen to cater to more than one lakh children. The positive changes that this programme has bought over the years are well witnessed and understood by the Government and also the community. Thus to further increase the reach of the programme the Government has allocated land for kitchen infrastructure in Lucknow where the construction of a centralised kitchen facility has already begun. The Government also proposed to have this Indian NGO expand its services to other areas of Uttar Pradesh like Agra and Kannauj. At the same time the community is also showing its attention towards the significance of the programme are more readily sending their children to school as compared to earlier times. This willingness itself convey the message that the mid-day meal programme has the potential to make visible and long lasting change in the society.

Even though this Indian NGO receives aid from the Government in the form of grants and subsidies, yet it is dependent on the donation for charity like any other not-for-profit organisation. It is quite natural and acceptable that we want to know about the beneficiaries of a particular NGO before contributing any donation for charity. A visit to Stories from Vrindavan will give you a glimpse of the beneficiaries of this NGO in Vrindavan. At the same time Get involved will give you other volunteering options to support these children. It should be noted that through this Indian NGO you can feed one child for one whole year by contributing a donation for charity of just Rs. 750. Your donation for charity will also avail you 100% exemption from tax for any amount more than Rs. 500. Depending on your comfort you can opt to make a donation for charity either through the online donation mode or offline donation mode.

Every meal at this Indian NGO has a story. Stories of hope will bring to you the aspirations and dreams of the young heart, some of which may match your own goals. It's an inspiration to know how even the severest of hardship does not deter the determination of the little children. Join hands with Akshaya Patra to help feed more children in need. 

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