Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Worldoo.com partners with food for education NGO


To continuously provide food for education, ‘innovation’ becomes a necessity. In an endeavour of the kind, the partnership of Worldoo.com with Akshaya Patra plays a vital role. Worldoo.com is an interactive online platform designed for children to engage in activities like reading, watching videos, viewing pictures and the like through which users of this platform earn stars.

Worldoo.com has developed a creative concept of ‘Gift a Tara’. This concept will enable the children of Worldoo.com to donate their accumulated earned stars to a needy child. These stars act as virtual currency on Worldoo.com that can then be converted into real money and donated towards the cause of providing food for education to a beneficiary of Akshaya Patra in India. Worldoo.com is an exciting interactive and educational medium of learning that enables children to explore their world and also contribute to it to make it better.

This creative concept also sensitises a child from economically well-to-do background about the needs of his or her counterpart who is underserved. It instils the quality of generosity and the need and potential of helping fellow mates who are in need of help. Akshaya Patra in India presently feeds 1.4 million children. There are many more millions who await the intervention of food for education motto.

‘Gift a Tara’ is a creatively innovative attempt to bridge the gap between the economically secure children and economically challenged children of India. Read more at Akshaya Patra blog.

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