Tuesday, 30 September 2014

NGO in Visakhapatnam feeding Government school and Anganwadi children

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one of the non-profit organisations in India that is working towards providing free school lunch to Government school children under the Central Mid-Day Meal Scheme. Akshaya Patra began its operations as a NGO in Visakhapatnam in October 2008. It currently feeds 5,249 children across seven schools from its centralised kitchen facility.

The Foundation is operational in 22 other locations across 10 states of India. Since the beginning of operations, Akshaya Patra has witnessed the positive difference that the mid-day meal programme has brought to the lives of millions of children across the country. It indeed plans to increase its reach as a NGO in Visakhapatnam. Apart from the support of Government, this expansion is possible with the support and contribution of the society. Akshaya Patra understands the significance of each penny contributed towards the cause. Thus, to ease up the process of contribution it has made available the option of online donation for charity.

The strategic planning with regard to operations and expansions has enabled this non-profit organisation in India to spend 84% of its total income towards meeting the programme cost. The cost of per meal per child for an entire year has been worked out to be met at Rs. 750 only. This means if you contribute an offline or online donation for charity of Rs. 750, you will be feeding a child for an entire year. The donor also gets benefitted by becoming eligible for 100% tax exemption. This non-profit organisation in India places equal importance on education, thus the mid-day meal menu is designed to meet the local palate of each particular region so that the children relish their lunch at school. As a NGO in Visakhapatnam, Akshaya Patra also provides food to Anganwadi centre children.

Besides offline donation or online donation for charity, one can also choose to volunteer their time and skills for the beneficiaries of this charity. Get involved will provide a range of activities that can be done to benefit the young hearts of the country. Stories of hope will introduce you to many determined faces of the country who have the zeal to achieve big despite all odds; the only thing that they require is a little support and care from you. Know them and understand how you can bring about a difference in their life to make it better. Each of us the capability to alter somebody's life positively, choose your course of action for the children of India. Choosing this NGO in Visakhapatnam as your charitable platform will not only help in sustaining the programme in this location, it will also help in expanding the operations to feed more children.

Contribute today to feed the underserved children who are the potential decision makers of tomorrow!

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