Thursday, 18 September 2014

Donate online to charity in Vadodara that feeds over 110,000 children


The charity, The Akshaya Patra Foundation started serving school children, mid-day meals in Gujarat during 2007. With the initial set up in Gandhinagar, a unit in Vadodara was next on the list. The kitchen in Vadodara was established in November 2009. With help of the Gujarat State Government, the organisation also started a kitchen in Surat during June 2012. During the year 2014, a state of the art centralised kitchen in Ahmedabad replaced the Gandhinagar Kitchen. Donate online to this charity as it now reaches over 400,000 children every school day in Gujarat with nutritious mid-day meals.

The NGO in Vadodara that implements Mid-Day Meal Scheme in Government and Government Aided schools reach over 100,000 children from in and around the district. Akshaya Patra has made available unlimited food for education in 616 schools of Vadodara. One could feed a child for a year by simply donating Rs. 750 to this NGO in Vadodara.

When you donate online to charity such as Akshaya Patra kitchen in Vadodara, you help the organisation with programme management cost, programme cost and other costs. The NGO in Vadodara hosts a centralised kitchen that is ISO: 22000:2005 certified. For the purpose of distributing cooked meal every morning there are 39 customised meal distribution vehicles some of which are donated. In order to feed a child or support, visit our website or contact the organisation. With help of supporters and donors, organisation reaches over 100,000 children.

One of the salient features of this NGO in Vadodara is its 'BioUrja Plant'. BioUrja Plant aids in generating 115-120 kilograms of LPG. This innovative initiative takes care of 1/3rd of the LPG requirement of the kitchen. To know more about the BioUrja Plant click here. For a virtual tour to the kitchen unit and to also see some of the happy beneficiaries of this NGO in Vadodara, check out the photo gallery. Information about the organisation is also available in Guajarati as the organisation aims to reach out to the supporters within in and around Vadodara and the State of Gujarat.

When you donate online to charity such as Akshaya Patra you help children like Gopal. Gopal is a young boy of age ten or eleven studying in Standard VI in Gujarati Medium of Dr. Hansa Mehta Primary School, Vadsar, Vadodara. Gopal is a hardworking child from an underprivileged family. The NGO in Vadodara brings Gopal to school by incentivising food for education. The mid-day meal is the only nutritious meal Gopal has during the day, many a time. He supports his family by taking calves for grazing and looking after them after school. He aspires to one day become a Police official. Read Gopal's Story. To feed a child, such as Gopal donate online and support Akshaya Patra.
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